Academic Counseling

Along with accepting responsibility for supervision of players with land parent’s situations, the Trappers expect exemplary performance from players in their academic efforts as well. Players must sign education waivers to allow our Coaches and Education Co-coordinator access to the player’s attendance, performance, grades, and behavior.

Billet arrangements following the completion of the hockey season while player is still in school must be made between the billeting homes, the player and the North Bay Trappers Hockey Club.

College and OHL scouts are delighted with our billeting program. This is often a dry run prior to the player living away from home in an OHL or university setting. Draft picks and expensive scholarships are more readily made when there are no concerns with regards to conduct or the player becoming homesick.

The City of North Bay offers education in both official languages, it also offers university and college education with Nippising University and Canadore College.